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A funeral or memorial service represents a unique opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one and to honor their life long achievements and values.

Macken Funeral Home is committed to helping those in need create meaningful services by providing families with options so informed decisions can be made. Assistance is provided in planning the service, placing the obituary and finalizing all details.

Listed below are a variety of funeral and memorial service options to suit each family’s personal needs and budget.

Traditional Funeral Service

  • A funeral service with the body present and embalming having taken place.
  • Viewing/Visitation is either at the funeral home, church or both.
  • A procession to the cemetery usually follows the service.

Traditional Funeral Service Followed by Cremation

  • Services with body present where family chooses an inexpensive wood casket for a viewing.
  • The body is cremated following services; family often gathers at the cemetery for graveside services the following day.

Memorial Service

  • A service, which takes place after the body has been buried or cremated.
  • If the body was cremated, the ashes – or cremains – are often present at the service.

Direct Cremation

Please visit our simply cremation site:  SimplyCremationPlan.com


  • Cremation is performed as soon as possible following a death where no embalming takes place or is required.
  • The funeral home assists family with the cremation.

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