Pre-Planning & Pre-Funding

The simplest approach to pre-planning is to complete an informational form with our funeral home. This document gives us an overview as to your funeral wishes and provides us with information for ultimately placing the obituary and for filing the death certificate. You may also call us at (507)282-1075 to request this form; we would be happy to mail one to you.

Many families express an interest in pre-funding funerals. Often people meet with us first to consider what type of service they are interested in and the associated costs.

Minnesota law allows individuals to set money aside in an irrevocable funeral trust, funded either by a bank certificate of deposit or with funeral insurance. The monies are owned by the individual, protected and earn interest.

If a person is considering applying for medical assistance, they are allowed to have funeral money set aside in an irrevocable funeral trust. When properly set up, these funeral monies will not affect their eligibility to receive assistance.

Our staff can best determine and explain which type of trust is best for you or for a family member. We can assist in setting up both forms of trusts – CD’s and insurance.

It is obvious that there are many things to consider when pre-planning a funeral. We would be happy to answer any of your questions or meet with you here at the funeral home. Please call us or fill-out the form below to learn more.

Get Started Now – Complete Our Pre-Planning Form

You can download (PDF version), print and mail-in or drop off our pre-planning form.

Please note that you must have the most current version of Acrobat Reader in order to save a completed form to your desktop.  You can download the most current version by clicking on this link.

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