Death Certificate

Welcome to Macken Funeral Home.  Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form.  Please complete any information that you know at this time.  Once you submit this form we will use this information to complete the Death Certificate.  If this is for a pre-need, we will keep this information on file until the time is needed.

Reasons why you may need certified death certificates

~Transferring of Real Estate Propery, Houses or Lots               ~Settling Insurance Claims (one per company)

~Transfer of Automobile, Boats, Trailers, etc. titles                    ~ Transfer of stocks, bonds or mutual bonds

~Transfer of checking, savings accounts                                    ~Entry into bank safety deposit boxes

~Veterans Administration benefits                                             ~For insured loans, insured credit cards

~Mortgage insurance                                                                 ~For legal counsel files

~Employers may require a copy                                                 ~Personal requests from family members

Death certificate form (Editable PDF format)

Please Click Here to open our editable PDF death certificate form.  When you are finished please print it and fax or mail the form to us.  You can also save it to your desktop then email the form to us.

Please note that you must have the most current version of Acrobat Reader in order to save a completed form to your desktop.  You can download the most current version by clicking on this link.